Mettler Toledo Truck Scale VTS

Orthotropic steel weighbridge
Accurate, Reliable and Easy for maintenance

VTS257 Digital Truck scale is the economical product
which is focused on medium weighing frequency and
normal axle load application. VTS257 Truck scale can be
widely used in transportation, port, food, environmental
protection, discrete manufacturing and refinery industry.
VTS257 truck scale can meet various customer's

Product Details


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POWERCELL PDX Load cells deliver the ultimate
in vehicle weighing with unequalled accuracy
and reliability. They eliminate junction boxes
and are hermetically sealed for use in the
toughest environments. The predictive
diagnostics system monitors performance and
reports on network health.


Orthotropic Design

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Model VTS257 handles the forces generated by
normal truck traffic, distributing concentrated
loads more effectively than standard I-beam deck
structures. The orthotropic design is similar to
those used on the Golden Gate Bridge and other
heavily travelled highway bridges around the


Lightning Protection
The specially designed Strike Shield lightning
protection system helps prevent costly downtime
by using multiple levels of protection to safeguard
your entire scale system: Load cells, cables, and
terminal. It is the only system that has been tested
by third-party laboratories and withstood multiple
lightning strikes.

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